Cooling Pad for greenhouse

This Evaporative Cooling Pad For Poultry Farms is special paper honeycomb structure material. Wave heights are 5 mm and 7 mm, corrugation is 45″×45″interweaving. Uses new-generation polymers and space cross link technology for high water absorption, high water proof, mildew-resistance and long service life.

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entimax cooling pad has one layer of thin water film on the surface of corrugated fiber paper. When the outside hot air pass through the paper, water on the thin film absorb heat in the air and then evaporate into vapor, and the cool air can enter the room. It is a good use of the principle of water evaporation temperature decreases



High evaporation efficiency

Superior wetting properties

Low pressure drop when pad is wet, leading to lower running costs

Long life time

Application: evaporative cooling pad can be used for many different cooling purposes, such as workshop, livestock, greenhouse, gardening, etc.

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