If you are planning to venture into pig farming, you need to get pig feeding equipment. They can help you to feed your pig in a proper and efficient manner. The equipment also plays a role in streamlining the activities in your farm.

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Also, you may want to buy the pig equipment for the purpose of selling to the farmers. The last thing that you would want is to get complaints from your customers about the quality of the equipment.

There are different types of pig feeding equipment. Some are designed for old pigs while others are for the piglets. Some pieces of equipment are meant for the lactating pigs.

Whether you want to buy an automatic pig feeder or a silo, you need to be careful with the choice of the manufacturer. This can determine whether you end up with a good equipment or not.

There are manufacturers who are known for producing the best products. On the other hand, some tend to sell low-quality pig feeding equipment.

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Obviously, you would like to choose the best manufacturer. But, how can you separate the best from the worst?

Here is a complete guide on how to choose the best pig feeding equipment, manufacturer.

The Production Capacity

The production capacity has a direct impact on your success. It will determine whether you will be able to get the required pig feeding equipment on time.

Whether you are starting out or you are already established, check the manufacturer’s production capacity.

If you are a seller, a company with high production capacity means that you will never run out of the stock. You will be able to order for the pig feeding equipment while knowing that they will be availed in time.

As a farmer, you won’t waste your time waiting for the equipment. You will be able to get it from the manufacturer anytime.

Production capacity also means that you can order for any quantity of good without limits.

Source of the Components

Most pig feeding equipment are made of different components. In most cases, a manufacturer will get these components from various sources.

Try to know where the manufacturer source for components that make up a pig feeding equipment.

A good and responsible manufacturer will be fair enough to list down their sources.

It is critical to get this information because different parts of a pig feeding equipment tend to have different properties.

Some are long-lasting while others tend to get damaged within a short time. Choose a manufacturer that obtains components from reputable sources.

Know the Quality Assurance Steps

It is not just enough to get the final product. You need to know the quality assurance steps that the manufacturer takes during the production process.

This measure can help you to get a pig feeding equipment that meets all the required standards.

A pig feeding equipment manufacturer who takes several quality assurance steps is likely to produce high-quality equipment. The steps are meant to eliminate any flaws and defects in the equipment.

For instance, the manufacturer should ensure that all the components of an automatic hog waterer are in good condition.

The Experience

How long has the company been in the industry?

Under normal circumstances, it is always wise to choose an experienced manufacturer. This is because the experience comes with high-quality products.

A company that has been manufacturing pig feeding silos for years knows the trick of coming up with the best products. It knows the components that work and those that don’t.

An experienced pig feed equipment manufacturer has interacted with many customers and is fully aware of their deepest needs.

Even if the company is not old, at least its owners should be people who are experienced in different types of pig feeding equipment.

Other Customers’ Opinions

You should ask the manufacturer for references. What have other companies bought the pig feeding equipment from the manufacturer?

A pig feeding equipment manufacturer that has many clients is a sign that they are reputable.

Many people trust this manufacturer. Also, try to follow up on some of the referrals.

What do they say about the manufacturer? If it receives many positive reviews, you should not be afraid to sign a deal with the company.

How They Handle Customers

Do not just focus on the pig feeding equipment. Try to find out how the manufacturer handles its clients.

Does the company treat its customers respectfully? What are some of the after sale services that the company provides?

A single phone call or email can tell you more about the company’s behavior. If they are always replying to your emails, it shows that they care about their clients.  Rude phone calls is a sign of bad things to come.

You should not transact with a manufacturer who has poor customer relation skills. Some Pig feeding equipment can be delicate and require some help from the manufacturer.

Signs of a Bad Manufacturer

Even with the above guideline, you may find yourself in the hands of a bag pig feeding equipment manufacturer. Do not wait till it is too late.

Here are some signs of a bad manufacturer.

-Secretive: The manufacturer may not be willing to reveal basic but Important details about the business

-Poor communication: If your emails are not replied or your phone does not get through.

-Negative reviews from other customers: If other people are complaining about the company, you are likely to suffer the same fate.


A pig feeding equipment is a major investment.  You cannot afford to take it lightly. You need to put all the systems in place to ensure that you get the best equipment.

pig feeding equipment manufacturer

The first step that you should take is to scrutinize the manufacturer. With the right pig feeding equipment manufacturer, you will have fewer issues to worry about.

Although the pricing can play a role in choosing the manufacturer, do not be obsessed with it.

The guidelines in this article are enough to help you get the best pig equipment, manufacturer.


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