If you are looking for Pig feeding equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in Spain. You are in the right place.

Spain manufacturer and supplier of Pig feeding equipment includes pig feeding silos, pig feeders, pig stalls, Insemination – individual crates, Gestation – group housing, Farrowing crates

We listed 10 Pig feeding equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in Spain



Calle Filiberto Villalobos, 2 - Aptdo. de Correos 2 
37770 Guijuelo-Salamanca


MAGUISA (MATADERO GUIJUELO, S.A.), is based in Guijuelo (Salamanca) and concentrates almost exclusively on industrial-scale processing of Iberian pork. Its mission: to construct an abattoir that also offers a section that cuts and renders fats, with slaughtering and butchering services for the industrial sector, as well as transformation of lard into fats via a rendering process. The company’s origins go back to 1982.

2. Nayeco SL

Esparreguera (Pg Industrial Ginesteres, Cl A), 7 
08293 Collbato

Since 1983 Nayeco has been manufacturing and importing items, especially for pets. Whatever your pet, the professionals at Nayeco will help you find the product most suited to the needs of your dearest pets. A whole range of products is awaiting you in our new catalogue, where you will find the sector’s very latest products.


Santiago Russinyol, 4 
08750 Molins De Rei

Semillas Batlle began its commercial activity in 1802 and since then we have experienced a constant evolution in the field of specialised agriculture, in the production and commercialisation of seeds and offering new products for the growing Orchard and Garden Hobby market.

Some of pig farming equipment from the company include livestock equipment, feed bin, pig feeding silo, pig feeders, pig stalls, Farrowing crates.

4. Brokers Hien

08006 Barcelona

Broker´s HIEN is an international provider of diversified solutions to its worldwide customers in the commodities sector with a strong customer-centered orientation. In partnership with our main Brazilians, Indian, Sri Lankan and Pakistani suppliers, you can access to commodities and products coming directly from producers and manufacturers and ready for use both for animal feed and for human consumption as well.

5. Triolet

Trioliet is a leading family-owned company that specialises in the development, production and marketing of feeding machines and systems for livestock farms. Trioliet is the market leader in the Netherlands, thanks to more than 70 years of experience in the field of feeding technology.

6. Agro World Spain S.L.

River Ebro, 2,, 26550 Rincón de Soto, La Rioja, Spain

Looking for the best pig farming equipment in Austria? We got your back, We design and stock a variety of equipment that are ideal for pig farming. Over the years, we have specialized in stocking different types of  equipment that will be necessary for your pig farm. They include  Pig feeding equipment includes pig feeding silos, pig feeders, pig stalls, Insemination – individual crates, Gestation – group housing, Farrowing crates. Kindly contact us for a price of pig farming equipment

7. CNH- Iveco Manufacturing Plant, Offices, Parts Depot, R&D, Training Center

Av. de Aragón, 402, 28022 Madrid, Spain

As a pig farming equipment manufacturer. we do recognize the need to increase the productivity of your farm For this reason, we stock a variety of pig farming equipment that will quench your thirst. So of the equipment that are at our factory include
  • Pig farrowing crate
  • Pig ventilation, cooler
  • Piglet heating equipment
  • Feeders
  • Pen
  • Snare
In case you need any of the above equipment, feel free to contact us; reliable pig farming equipment manufacturers in Spain

8. Netafim Spain, S.L.

Poligono Industrial El Oliveral, Carretera Nacional III, km 341 – Calle Q, 46190 Ribarroja, Valencia, Spain

pig farming crates china

We are quite  competitive in manufacturing pig farm equipment. We provide for you an optimal design scheme of a large-scale swine farm, associated with all equipment you need in each house. Our feed silos feed bins and pig feeding systems are widely applied for farms, feed plants, poultry plants, animal plants, brewery plants, etc. If you are looking for China manufacturers and suppliers of Pig feeding equipment includes pig feeding silos, pig feeders, pig stalls, Insemination – individual crates, Gestation – group housing, Farrowing crates. Kindly contact us for a price today.

9. Claas Ibérica S.A.

Calle Zeus, 5, 28880 Meco, Madrid, Spain

You will agree with me that simple farm equipment makes work easy for farmers and trust me, it’s no different for pig farmers either.If you are going to be successful in the piggery farming business, you will need to have the right equipment for pig production. Using pig farming equipment on your farm makes your daily management operation very easy to do.

10. Kubota University (kubota España S.A.)

Calle Fernando Alonso, 15, 28914 Leganés, Madrid, Spain

Pigs are more sensitive animals as compared to sheep, goats, and other livestock, and they require better management. But, they have an advantage that they give a better return as their feed-to-meet ratio is higher than other livestock and they also have a high breeding rate.
If you own a pig farm or you are thinking of starting one, then you should install modern pig farm equipment which last longer and provide a healthy environment for the pigs to grow.