Piglet Stainless Steel Feeding Trough

Pig Stainless Steel Feeding Trough is used for pig-raising devices.This is the best Feeding Trough for Piglet in all Livestock Farming Equipment.Stainless steel piglet feeder is made of #304 stainless steel;

  • 30+ years Piglet Stainless Steel Feeding Trough Manufacturing Experience.
  • Up to 5 years of warranty on all Piglet Stainless Steel Feeding Trough.
  • Full support on your customized requirements.
  • More price advantage & quality control ability.
  • Direct Steel storage feeding Silos manufacturer.
  • Piglet Stainless Steel Feeding Trough

    Usage: Nursery pigs/fattening pigs/finishing pigs

    Type: Livestock Equipment

    Brand name: Smartherdsman

    Size: all size

    Material: Plastic,stainless steel, steel

    Free samples: yes

    1. Saving feed and reducing the cost.
    2. Shorten the breeding cycle,market sales in advance .
    3. Comprehensive details and won’t damage pig snout .
    4. The surface of  feeder inside is smooth, not easy to stock.
    5. Gather the food safety, reducing the risk of infectious disease.
    6. It is double sides feeder.feed on one side with 6 holes.
    7. keep every pig can eat.
    8. Double-sided 5 or 6 partition feeder .
    9. Strong and durable, long lifespan.
    10. Easy to clean.


    Feeder1 stainless steel (SS) feeder respectively for sow and piglet
    FencePVC board, thickness: 30mm, height: 500mm
    Floorplastic floor for piglet, cast iron floor for sow
    Drinker1 SS drinker (for sow), 1 SS water bowl (for piglet)
    Farrowing cageφ32*2.5mm circular-tube farrowing cage
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