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We ship our automatic chicken feeding equipment and swine feeding accessories to buyers in over 30 countries.   Whether you need feeder and waterer, or stainless steel trough, chicken floor and crate and galvanized chicken farm silo filling system, we have your needs covered.  Our design is furnished with your farm size.

For over 20 years, we have ensured customer satisfaction by backing our chicken housing and feeding equipment with extensive aftersale services. For more information about our maintenance-free and easy-to-install products, visit us on line.

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Chicken Cage Systems Supplier

We have the best and most advanced technology in the market to ensure the quality of our products.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty

Automatic Feeding Systems for Chicken Farm

We imported from German which is the best and most advanced technology in the market.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty

H Type Chicken Cage Systems

The H Frame Layer Battery Cage System can be from 3–8 tiers according to customer’s chicken house height.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty

Chicken Plastic Slat Floor for Chicken Farm

Chicken plastic slat floor can keep clean and dry environment for poultry.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty on plastic slat floor

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The steel feeding silo is composed of feed container, lid , ladder, support legs and easy for transportation and installation.

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Smart Herdsman Supply High Quality swine farm equipments

Smartherdsman provides for you one stop design and purchase for your large scale swine farm, associated with all equipments you need in each house. Here you can find factory direct sale pig pen, pig cages equipment, high quality fattening pen for animal crate stall, hog housing and feeder, steel silo ect.
Our sales spreads all over the world, and the after-sale service includes everything that the customer desires,
such as inquiry, installation and operation and accessories.

20 Years + R&D pig feeding equipment manufacturer

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Ultimate Buying Guide of Chicken Feeding Equipment

Chicken feeding equipment is a long-term investment. The cost of automatic feeding equipment for chicken can vary.

There are different types of automatic chicken feeders available in the market. All of them boast different prices and features.

So, make sure you do your research and only purchase a product that meets your needs.

Chicken feeding equipment has been around for quite some time. This Chicken Feeding Equipment Buying Guide highlights the factors you must consider before buying chicken feeding equipment.

Also, we’ll review some of the best chicken feeding systems to give you an idea of what’s available.

Types of Chicken Feeding Equipment

With any chicken feeder, your goal should be to keep it clean. The idea is to avoid spillage and waste.

Some of the best chicken feeder styles include:


A trough chicken feeder is available in different sizes. You can either fix such feeders to the side of a coop wall or as a standalone container.

These chicken feeders are easy to refill. Also, you can feed several birds at a time. Trough feeders must be fixed properly, or it will get knocked over.

Open Container Bin

Open container bins are more or less similar to trough. The only difference is these chicken feeders can become crowded soon.

These chicken feeders are easily refillable and serve as the best supplementary chicken feeder in farms.

Feed Dispenser

Basic feed dispensers are another popular chicken feeding equipment. Their commercial versions are available in different sizes and capacities.

These poultry feeders are inexpensive and functional. Also, they’re durable and last longer than other available options.

Hanging Feeder

These feeders, as its name suggests, are hung off the ground. Because of their functional design, these feeders help keep the feed clean and dry. Also, it keeps the feed away from rodents and rats.

Tread-Plate Feeders

Tread-plate feeders have been around for decades. They can easily hold up to 10kg-20kg of feed.

Because of spillage, these feeders attract rodents and mice, but they won’t be able to get inside.

PVC Tube Feeders

PVC tube feeders are DIY chicken feeding equipment. These feeders come with a simple design. They’re affordable but can only serve 4 birds at a time.

Automatic Feeding Systems

Automatic feeding equipment for chicken is the best possible solution so far. They are expansive, metal-built structures that are durable and highly functional.

If you have a large setup, then automatic chicken feeding equipment could be your safest bid.

In this Chicken Feeding Equipment Buying Guide, we’ll cover automatic feeders that are both reliable and long-lasting.

Things to Consider Before Buying Automatic Chicken Feeding Equipment (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Automatic chicken feeding equipment is by far the most effective choice. There are different types of automatic chicken feeders available in the market.
What feeding equipment for chicken you use depends on many variables.

Size of Your Flock

Chickens are a flock bird, and they’re happy with the company. This is why people keep at least two birds.

A single chicken typically eats around 400g (½-cup) of feed. So, your chicken feeding equipment should hold enough feed to cater to your flock.

If you have different types of birds at your farm, you should ensure there is a separate container for each breed.

Also, pay attention to your individual needs.

For instance, if you’re looking to cut down on the number of times you have to refill the container

if you’re looking to prevent insects, bugs, rodents, and mice from accessing the feed the amount of time you can invest in feeding your birds

In addition to these, also consider your setup and operation. Remember, an expensive chicken feeder is of no use if your birds can’t benefit from it.

Your Location

The second most important consideration is your location.

If you live in an urban area, or a place where there is a reduced risk of other animals getting inside the chicken feeding equipment, you’re good to go with any type of chicken feeder.

But, if you live at a location with plenty of wildlife, you must choose your chicken feeding equipment with care.

Weather and Climate

Weather and climate play an important role while selecting the best chicken feeding equipment.

You don’t need a waterproof chicken feeder if you’re going to place it under a roof. However, if you’re going to place it outside, you should look for the waterproof design.

Type of Enclosure

The type of chicken feeding equipment you should use also depends on the type of enclosure.

If the enclosure is divided, you may need several chicken feeders. Similarly, you may need more than one feeder if you have different breeds.

Type of Feed

Always take into consideration the type of feed you’re going to use in the feeder. Some people prefer dry feed or pellets, while others use wet mash.

The type of chicken feeder to deliver these feeds should be considered. The right feeder equipment for chicken prevents blockage. Also, it will become easier for birds to access food.

Your Commitment and Time

The amount of time you’re willing to invest also plays a critical role.

Passionate farmers like to spend more time with their birds. For them, keeping an eye on the chicken feeding equipment is not an issue.

For others, it’s more about collecting eggs only. They want a system that needs minimum maintenance and lower regular refill requirements.

You need a chicken feeding equipment which holds feed for a single day if you don’t mind refilling the container daily.

The other option would be to invest in a large chicken feeder. The perks of using large chicken feeding equipment are many. For instance,

Fewer maintenance needs Adequate feed to keep birds satisfied

A great weekend without worrying about the refilling process


Sadly, none of the chicken feeding equipment is 100% spill-proof. However, feeding equipment for chicken that features high sides will reduce spillage.

Some feeders also come with a mesh, which is placed atop of the feed. Such chicken feeders help prevent the birds from scratching the feed out.

The birds clean up the dry spillage themselves as they forage.

Your Budget

Your budget is the most important factor when choosing the chicken feeding equipment.

Some feeding equipment for chickens is very pricey. These chicken feeders are generally out of range of general farmers.

But if you do your research and follow this Chicken Feeding Equipment Buying Guide, you would be able to make the right decision.

Size of the Feeder

If you have 3-4 birds, it makes no sense to purchase a big chicken feeding equipment. Similarly, if you have a large setup, you cannot compromise on the size of your chicken feeder.

Top 4 Chicken Feeding Equipment for 2020

1.Chicken Cage System

Chicken Cage System by Smart Herdsman features state-of-the-art German technology. These cages are made up of steel and are available in different sizes.

Thicken PVC and galvanized board feed trough makes feeding easy, Also, they are strong enough to use more than 15 years.

2.Automatic Feeding System for Chicken Farm

The automatic feeding system for chicken farms is an automated solution. The automatic control panels can administer a feeding trolley.

These systems are easy to install and durable.

3.H Type Chicken Cage System

The H-type Chicken Cage System is customizable. This system is ideal for locations with moderate climates. Automated systems can save manual labor.

4.Chicken Plastic Slat Floor for Chicken Farm

Chicken Plastic Slat Floor for Chicken Farm is a high-strength product. It provides a dry and comfortable environment for birds.

This product can be equipped with all types of A and H frame cage systems. There’s an automatic control panel that excludes the need for manual handling.