Cattle Head Lock

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Name: Cattle head lock
Place of origin: China
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized steel pipe
Size: All sizes, or customized
Function & application: Positioning cow/cattle head and other function
Scope of application: Cow, cattle and other livestock
Surface treatment/finish: Hot Dip Galvanized
Main parts: Motion bar, Stand bar, Baffle, Clamp, Bolt & Axis Pin etc
Package: Standard export pallet. Packing as your requirement

— Cattle head lock is a kind of necessary equipment for fixing the position of cow in the farm scale management. In the course of cattle head lock, there is no energy consumption but with features of the environmental protection and economical.
— The cattle head lock is installed between the living area and the feeding channel. When the cows are taking feed, the head lock will fix cows through the self-locking device, then the cows can be feeding independently.
— According to the different developmental stages of cows, the head lock spacing is generally 40-300cm, where the backing cow head lock spacing is generally 40-60cm, the self-locking head lock of adult cows each set consisting of eight cattle locations and the length is 6m, spacing 75cm. Prevents cows snatch, guiding cows eating adequate feeds, also to ensure nutrition. Cows can also be fixed for easy operating of veterinary and breeding technologies.

Cow farming equipment cattle free stall for sale
1. Standard export pallet.

2. Packing as your requirement.
Delivery Detail: According to your quantity

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