Stainless steel piglet nipple drinker

DF608 Bite Ball Nipple Drinker for Sow SS Nipple Drinker

Pig nipple drinkers are commonly used in modern pig farms

provide clean drinking water for pigs.

indispensable in pig farms.

Thickening tall back stainless steel trough for sow on farrowing crate,no feed slop over, anti-corrosion,no rust and easy to clean,long service life.The inner wall is smooth to avoid being scratched.
This sow trough apply to farrowing stalls, weaner pens, fattening pens.

  • 30+ years Sow Trough Manufacturing Experience.
  • Up to 5 years of warranty on all Sow Trough.
  • Full support on your customized requirements.
  • More price advantage & quality control ability.
  • Direct Steel storage feeding Silos manufacturer.
  • In the modern pig industry, the future direction is fewer workers, automatic operation. Health. This nipple drinker is ideal for sows and finishers. The automatic drinker can meet this request.

    The nipple drinker is supply pig Hygeian water. It is an automatic operation. No need for workers to do anything.

    So its advantage is more and more shown to us.

    A nipple drinker is the best option at present.


    with water bowl
    With Bracket

    Application in Pig farm stalls:
    nipple drinker whole sale

    Dry and Wet Feeder for Pig

    After comparative tests of large farms, fattening pigs bred 5-10 days ahead of time to slaughter, ad libitum increase lean pig, pig’s body good.


    Why Should We Use Automatic Dry &Wet Feeder In Pig Farms? ,automatic stainless steel pig fee
    1) The wet and dry feeder designed is used to improve more than 20% of pig feed intake.
    2) Stainless steel bottom slot and dose devices are easy to clean and disassemble. Avoid the pigs eating moldy feeds.
    3) Pigs can get the feed easily, feeding pigs with forage and water at the same time.
    4) Pigs can eat on both sides, improve feed utilization, save space. pig feed trough
    5) Up to 50 pigs per feeder.
    After comparative tests of large farms, fattening pigs bred 5-10 days ahead of time to slaughter, ad libitum increase lean pig, pig’s body good. Improve slaughter time, the overall economic benefit. wet and dry feeders, good price.

    We can customize according to your request, quality, colors, sizes.

    We promise you:

    High quality. Quality is our culture.

    Fast delivery.

    Competitive price.

    Perfect after-sale service

    Technical Data

    ModelCapacityHopperFeeding panWater pipeTotal height
    B01(nursery)80L(50kg)PESS 304 684*425*107mmGalvanized pipe 2mm x ø201098mm
    B02(nursery)110L(80kg)PESS 304 684*425*107mmGalvanized pipe 2mm x ø201098mm
    B03(nursery)80L(50kg)PESS 304 684*425*107mmGalvanized pipe 2mm x ø201098mm
    Y02(fattening)80L(50kg)PESS 304 684x425X127mmgalvanized pipe 2mm x ø201288mm
    Y03(fattening)150L(100kg)PESS 304 684x425X127mmgalvanized pipe 2mm x ø201288mm


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