Chicken Cage System

We imported from German which is the best and most advanced technology in the market, can make the surface of the wire mesh smooth, the manure will drop down into the manure ditch easily instead of stick on the cage, or it will pollute the eggs and affect the health of chicken. In addition, our galvanization give more elasticity of the wire mesh than other’s which can give safer to eggs when it falls on the lower side of the cage.

  • 30+ years Chicken Cage System manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty on all Chicken Cage Systems
  • Full support on your customised requirement
  • More price advantage & quality control ability
  • Direct Chicken Cage Systems equipment manufacturer


1. The Normal Standard Cages:
Item No. Cell Length Cell Depth Cell Height Unit Dimension Cells/Unit/Set Tiers/ Set Birds/cell/ unit/set
HY-A390 390 350 380 1950*350*380 5/6 3 3/15/90
HY-A4120 390 350 380 1950*350*380 5/8 4 3/15/120
HY-A396 490 350 380 1960*350*380 4/6 3 4/16/96
HY-A4128 490 350 380 1960*350*380 4/8 4 4/16/128
HY-A3120 430 420 410 2150*420*410 5/6 3 4/20/120
HY-A4160 430 420 410 2150*420*410 5/8 4 4/20/160

2.Cage Frame Materials: Q235A Steel
3.Feed Troughs: white color new material thicken PVC and galvanized board feed trough, these two types feed trough are strong enough to use more than 15 years.
4. Surface Treatment: Hot dipped Galvanization

1, Saving more cost for Farmers because its lower cost
2. More Suitable to use in rainless district. Durable and solid structure for long lifetime;
3.Greater number of birds is reared per unit of area;
4.Easily to deliver and installation in clients farm and make maintenance;
5.It helps producing clean eggs because the Egg conveyor system can deliver all eggs from different houses to egg storage room;
6. Easy control of parasitic disease like coccidiosis and worm infestation;
7.Prompt steps to control feed wastage because of the longer design feed trough edge;

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