Swine Plastic Flooring

We manufacture plastic slatted flooring weaning piglet with different sizes.This swine plastic flooring resists fading, twisting, and warping.This plastic hog flooring is a high quality, long lasting, reliable product.

  • 30+ years High Strength Plastic Slatted Flooring manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty on all High Strength Plastic Slatted Flooring
  • Full support on your customized requirement
  • More price advantage & quality control ability
  • Direct Pig feeding equipment manufacturer

This high quality plastic slatted flooring is suitable for using in flat decks and farrowing pen. It is suitable for piggy’s range of activities in pig sows, so that piggy is not easy to get sick.An individual layout is made possible by the offered variety of types and sizes.

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1.Keep the pig stall clean and healthy environment.

2.Reduce the contacts between pig and dung.

3.Corrosion resistant, easy to clean, save the time of manual dung cleaning

4.Protective effect to the piglets .

5.Provide a superior farrowing platform.

6.Effective dung leaking, easy to clean and install.

7.Thickening floor, strong compression resistance make it impossible to break by pigling.

8.Different colors can be produced according to customers’requirement.

1.Pure raw materials(engineering plastics ) an injection molding.be used for goat,cow , piggy and old pig.
2. Corrosion resistance, fight alzheimer strong. In the original package materials for added anti-oxidants, inhibitor, anti-ultraviolet radiation agent.
3. Easy to clean, easy disinfection, tear open outfit is convenient, even using a high concentration of acidic or alkaline disinfectant, also won’t be corrosion.
4. Use on the 8-10 or so pipe.
5. Can be recycled again, after cleaning crushing add part raw materials and chemical products modification, again after the injection molding the floor, still can use six years or so.

6.the color:white,blue or other color,as your choose

7.size: could be customized

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