Electric Heating Plate for Pig with Good Insulation Effect

Electric heating plate (Heating pad) for pig ,combined with the creep feeder, the water bowl, the incubator and heating pad, etc., all these help to take care of the piglets well.

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We manufacture Electric Heating Plate with different sizes,which is a high quality, long lasting, reliable product.
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1. Uniform temperature, instead of the traditional heating wire heating.
2. The temperature of the electric heating plate can be adjusted according to different room temperature.
3. Anti bite to prevent leakage. Avoid the pigs to get an electric shock in the practical process.
4. The durability is better, the practical life is longer.

PVC board, thickness: 30mm, height: 500mm
Floor Plastic floor for piglet, cast iron floor for sow

Drinker Stainless steel drinker (for sow), Stainless Steel water bowl (for piglet)
Farrowing cage φ32*2.5mm circular-tube farrowing cage

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