High efficiency Dry and Wet Excrement cleaning machine

Dry and wet excrement cleaning machine can separate pig farm manure and urine efficiently. Reduce manure dealing quantity, more environment friendly. Turn manure into clean water and fertilizer.

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Dung are separated by the solid-liquid separation machine, generating dung slag and waste water. The dung slat can be used as organic fertilizer after air bask. The waste water come into the anaerobicdealing pool, and the methane produced during the process can be collected and used for boilerand electricity. The water through anaerobic dealing process can be treated in the nextthree method according to reality:

1) use aerobic dealingprocess. Degrade the organic matter by the extra microorganism.

2) Use natural dealingprocess. Delete the pollutant through plain sedimentation.

3) Come into the urban wastewater dealing factory. It can irrigate after being discharged.

A. Completely hot galvanizedor stainless steel, anti-corrosive, Long service life

B. Separate manure and urine,realize separation of dry and wet.

C. With guide pulley, reduceabrasion efficiently, and scraper blade move more stable

D. High-quality PVCevacuating tube of urine and urine clearing plate, expel the urine in the tube in high efficiency.

E. With multiplespecification, and suitable for different kind of pig raising farm. Efficiencyis about 95%.

F. With small driving system,working stable, with low noise.


pig dung treatment system

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