If you are looking for Pig farming equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in Argentina

Pig feeding equipment: pig feeding silos, pig feeders, pig stalls, Insemination – individual crates, Gestation – group housing, Farrowing crates

You are in the right place.

We listed 10 Pig farming equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in Argentina.

1. Laboratorio Proagro S.A.

Laboratorio Proagro S.A.
Montevideo 5757

Proagro is a veterinary laboratory that manufactures medicines for small and large animals. It’s a family business founded in 1970 in Rosario, Argentina. With more than 45 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Proagro counts with 8 laboratories for the manufacturing of its products. In 2008, it became the first provincial laboratory and the second nationally to certify the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) international standards.There are 3 production lines: one for pets, called Paraqueños; one for farm animals, called Proagro; and the Synkro XY line of hormons and synch devices for fixed time artificial insemination. The company exports its products from Rosario to 21 countries, located in Latin-America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

2. Biotay SA

Biotay SA
Rutherford 45

It has 2000 square meters for production and warehousing of merchandise and 500 square meters for offices. The main activity of the company is the commercialization of Veterinary products; additives for the by-product and feed industry; equipment and supplies for artificial insemination and embryo transfer; and equipment and kits for diagnosis. The characteristic of the Company has been its specialization in certain areas. The problems of Ruminant Filling, Intestinal Health in birds, Rendering, as an industry of meat by-products, Forage Conservation, Food Additives and Animal Reproduction are an example of this approach to the Argentine livestock market.


San Antonio de Areco (Buenos Aires)

Actually IVEGA-DOTEX is dedicated to consulting, information and collaboration on poultry equipment projects and provides a complete line of poultry production equipment around the Latin American countries and is continuously developed and adapted their products to the needs of the farmer, offering practical, economical and environmentally-friendly solutions for the poultry industry.

4. Polyvert Argentina

Av. del Libertador 2412, L8134 La Adela, La Pampa, Argentina

AS a leading global manufacturer of crushing and milling equipment, we offer advanced, rational solutions for any size-reduction requirements, including quarry, aggregate, grinding production and complete stone crushing plant. We also supply individual crushers, mills, livestock equipment, feed bin, pig feeding silo, pig feeders, pig stalls, Farrowing crates, as well as spare parts of them.

5. Agromaq Virdo . New Holland . Mendoza Argentina

Acceso Sur 5299, M5507 Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina

Looking for the best pig farming equipment in Argentina? We got your back, We design and stock a variety of equipment that are ideal for pig farming. Over the years, we have specialized in stocking different types of  equipment that will be necessary for your pig farm. They include  Pig feeding equipment includes pig feeding silos, pig feeders, pig stalls, Insemination – individual crates, Gestation – group housing, Farrowing crates. Kindly contact us for a price of pig farming equipment

6. CLAAS Argentina S.A.

Ruta Nacional 34 Km 255, S2322 Sunchales, Santa Fe, Argentina

As a pig farming equipment manufacturer. we do recognize the need to increase the productivity of your farm For this reason, we stock a variety of pig farming equipment that will quench your thirst. So of the equipment that are at our factory include
  • Pig farrowing crate
  • Pig ventilation, cooler
  • Piglet heating equipment
  • Feeders
  • Pen
  • Snare
In case you need any of the above equipment, feel free to contact us; reliable pig farming equipment manufacturers in Argentina.

7. Sabbione – Mainero

RN11 2780, S3040 San Justo, Santa Fe, Argentina

We are quite  competitive in manufacturing pig farm equipment. We provide for you an optimal design scheme of a large-scale swine farm, associated with all equipment you need in each house. Our feed silos feed bins and pig feeding systems are widely applied for farms, feed plants, poultry plants, animal plants, brewery plants, etc. If you are looking for China manufacturers and suppliers of Pig feeding equipment includes pig feeding silos, pig feeders, pig stalls, Insemination – individual crates, Gestation – group housing, Farrowing crates. Kindly contact us for a price today.

8. CONCI – John Deere Dealer

Av. Juan B. Justo 6500, X5019 Córdoba, Argentina

We have a large production line that is managed by a workforce of skilled professionals that positively meets the bulk orders of the clients. In addition to this, the most fundamental factor of our business policy is to provide complete customer satisfaction. For that reason, we custom-made our products and fabricate designer range in various grades, shapes, colors, and sizes as per illustrations given by our respected customers. Apart from this, we monitor the changes in the market strategies and update our techniques accordingly.

9. Reinke Argentina S.A.

25 de Mayo 1866, Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe, Argentina

When it comes to raising pigs, you will definitely need the right pig equipment. Materials are readily available so you do not have to worry. After all, raising pigs is a common thing nowadays whether for pets or for profits. And best of all, it does not require you to spend lots of money.

10. Agro Verde Trento & Garcia Ltda.

Av. República Argentina, 3991 – Jardim Amazonas, Foz do Iguaçu – PR, 85857-188, Brazil

You will agree with me that simple farm equipment makes work easy for farmers and trust me, it’s no different for pig farmers either.If you are going to be successful in the piggery farming business, you will need to have the right equipment for pig production. Using pig farming equipment on your farm makes your daily management operation very easy to do.