Smart Herdsman Pig Flooring Systems

We ship our automatic Pig Flooring Systems to buyers in over 30 countries. Whether you need hog feeder and waterer, or stainless steel sow trough, piglet floor and crate and galvanized pig farm silo filling system, we have your needs covered. Our design is furnished with your farm size.
For over 20 years, we have ensured customer satisfaction by backing our swine housing and feeding equipment with extensive aftersale services. For more information about our maintenance-free and easy-to-install products, visit us on line.

Smart Herdsman Pig Flooring System


Cast Iron Flooring

Cast iron flooring for nursery and farrowing creep areas is made of cast iron to maximize useful life and reduce maintenance.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty

Swine Plastic Flooring

This swine plastic flooring resists fading, twisting, and warping.This plastic hog flooring is a high quality and reliable product.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty

Plastic Slat Floor

Plastic pig floor is mainly used in the farrowing crate and nursery crate, made of the brand raw engineering polypropylene(PP)material.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty

Sow Cast Iron Floor

Cast iron floor is Smart Herdsman’s latest research results.The circular surface design with better fecal leakage and ease of cleaning.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty

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Steel feeding silo is composed of feed container, lid, ladder, support legs. There are multiple choices of silo capacity for your option.

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Automatic Pig Farming Dry Wet Feeder For Weaning Stall Pigs and Finishing Stall.

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This Pig Drinking Bowl is made of stainless steel, so it is Anti-Corrosion.

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Smart Herdsman Supplies High Quality Swine Farm Equipments

Smartherdsman provides for you one stop design and purchase for your large scale swine farm, associated with all equipments you need in each house. Here you can find factory direct sale pig pen, pig cages equipment, high quality fattening pen for animal crate stall, hog housing and feeder, steel silo ect.
Our sales spreads all over the world, and the after-sale service includes everything that the customer desires,such as inquiry, installation and operation and accessories.

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Ultimate Buying Guide of Pig Flooring System

Animal handling is not an easy job. Especially if you’re doing it on a large scale. From feeding to flooring, there are many things you should pay attention to before you start a commercial farm.

The pig flooring system is a key consideration when you set up a hog house inside your farm.

The right pig flooring system not only ensures a clean and safe environment for your pigs. But it also provides them protection against diseases.

Just like pig feeders and waterers, pig flooring systems are also available in different types, designs, and sizes.

In this Pig Flooring System Buying Guide, we’re going to highlight some of the main features. Make sure you go through this whole Pig Flooring System Buying Guide to know about your options.

Pig Flooring System – Types

A proper pig flooring system ensures energetic pigs. For pig’s health and wellbeing, the flooring must be smooth. Also, it shouldn’t be slick and slippery.

The slippery and ill-maintained surface may result in injuries.

Broadly, there are four types of pig flooring systems currently available on the market. You can choose any one of these pig flooring system types to fit your farrowing needs.

Fully Slatted Plastic Pig Flooring System

Fully slatted plastic pig flooring systems are easy to clean and wash. They’re impermeable and provide optimum separation between pigs and feces.

This type of pig flooring system takes less time in drying. However, they’re pricier than other options.

They can get damaged when wet. Also, this type of flooring may cause abrasion and bruise in pigs.

Part Slatted Pig Flooring System

As its name suggests, part slatted pig flooring system provides a dedicated lying area. Unlike solid pig flooring, this system offers better drainage.

The only disadvantage is that the dedicated area can become easily messy. Also, you should ensure proper ventilation and airflow.

Fully Slatted Concrete Pig Flooring System

Fully slatted pig flooring systems are cheaper than plastic slats. Because of their weight-bearing capacity, they’re ideal for heavy pigs.

As compared to plastic pig flooring systems, concrete flooring is difficult to wash and dry.

Since concrete is partially absorbent, it also increases the risk of residue.

Solid Concrete Pig Flooring System

The solid concrete pig flooring system is usually used with a straw. This system can cause drainage issues if slopes are not accurate.

Suckling pigs can also face knee abrasions with this flooring type. Poorly-laid concrete flooring can become slippery and dangerous.

Also, this flooring type should be laid in certain weather to survive. The solid concrete pig flooring system involves many factors.

For instance, you must pay attention to insulation, erection, and laying elements.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pig Flooring System for Your Farm (Pig Flooring System Buying Guide)

A pig flooring system is a long-term and pricey investment. Therefore, it is important that you compare different options first.

This Pig Flooring System Buying Guide covers all important things you need to know before making a purchase.

Pig Flooring System to Support Traction

The pig flooring system you choose must provide optimum traction. It should not be too slippery nor hard.

The flooring surface should be comfortable enough for the piglets to roam around.

The pig flooring system should also provide better traction to young piglets on the farm.


The pig flooring system should be low-maintenance. Also, it should be easy to install. In addition to that, disinfecting the surface should be a no-brainer too.

Ask your manufacturer to provide you with a detailed manual. Also, you should confirm the cleaning and disinfecting requirements before you purchase a product.

Prevents Injuries

The pig flooring system should provide a safe environment for the pigs. Many pig flooring types cause bruise and abrasion. Make sure you choose a system that is easy for pigs to move.

Promotes Growth of Young Piglets

The pig flooring system should not include any type of obstacle. There should be no hurdles and steps that young pigs will find difficult to climb.

Barriers and uncomfortable flooring may hinder the growth of young piglets. It can also impact the health of the pigs. So, make sure you choose a pig flooring system that is even and smooth.

Check Grip

Make sure you check the grip of the floor before you buy it. There should be no broken slats. Don’t forget to check the weaned sow pens. Weaned sow pens contribute to pig injuries.

Check Width Between Slats

The maximum width between slats must not be more than 18mm (for rearing piglets). You must check these measurements before you buy a product.

The area in front of the feeders should be smooth too. If piglets don’t get access to the feeders, it can impact their growth.

Talk with Other Farmers and Do Research

Never invest in a pig flooring system unless you do proper research. You can either take help from online resources or ask from fellow farmers.

There are many Pig Flooring System Buying Guides available online that will help you make your decision.

Asking from other farmers is particularly recommended. They can tell you about their personal experiences. Also, you would be able to clarify concerns right away.

Choose the Best Manufacturer

This is one of the most important steps. There are many pig flooring system manufacturers out there.

At a glance, you’ll like all the products you see online. So, it’s important that you talk one-to-one with the manufacturer.

Connect with their support team. Check out the FAQ section. And make a purchase if you think their products are worth your time and money.

You can also check company reviews to assess quality.


Your budget is a key consideration before you buy a pig flooring system.

Today, you can find many pig flooring systems with different features. The price range differs depending upon the number of features.

It’s important to choose the flooring that offers maximum benefits at an affordable price.

Indoor/Outdoor Options

Whether you keep your animals indoors or outdoors also plays an important role.

Cast iron flooring is ideal for indoor farms. Cast iron, if placed outside, can catch rust and mold.

Similarly, concrete and plastic are great options for outdoors. These options are strong and reliable. Also, they can withstand harsh weather conditions and rain.

SmartHerdsMan’s Top 3 Pig Flooring Systems for 2020

1.Cast Iron Flooring for Pig Farm

Sun Eco’s cast iron flooring is both corrosion-resistant and strong. Each cast iron bar can hold up to 700kgs of weight. This product is easy to clean and install. Also, it comes in different size options.

2.Swine Plastic Flooring

Sun Eco’s plastic slatted flooring is best suited for flat decks and farrowing pens. This product helps your piglets stay active and healthy.

Plastic slatted flooring is available in an array of sizes and types.

3.Plastic Slat Flooring

Plastic slat flooring is ideal for nursery and farrowing crates. This product is high-quality. It boasts high strength, remarkable tenacity, and massive capacity.

Whether you’re looking to build a farm from scratch or looking to upgrade your existing system, this buying guide will help you make a decision.

We hope this Pig Flooring System Buying Guide has served its purpose. For further details, specifications, or to place your order, get in touch with our support team now.