Pig Gestation Stall Animal Cage Wholesale

High Quality Pig Gestation Stall Animal Cage Wholesale
The pig gestation stall(individual stall) is usually used for insemination or gestation sows. It can make the insemination easier, and can protect the gestation sows.

  • 30+ years Pig Gestation Stall Animal Cage Manufacturing Experience.
  • Up to 5 years of warranty on all Pig Gestation Stall Animal Cages.
  • Full support on your customized requirements.
  • More price advantage & quality control ability.
  • Direct Steel storage feeding Silos manufacturer.
  • Pig Gestation crate used for empty sows, pregnant sows, which can effectively avoid pregnant sow fight for food, biting, it is conducive to sow, and it is also easy for quantitative feeding, watering, cleaning, and scouring. Gestation crate design is also used for boars.

    1.Wholly hot-dip galvanized,excellent rust resistance .

    2.Ductile iron sow feeder.

    3.Rear Door is Self-locked.

    4.Stainless Steel Feeder.
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    1.The surface was treated by hot-dip galvanization with uniform coating, which give the crate long service life.

    2.We use solid steel bar instead of pipe, which is much stronger and more durable.

    3. For each pig, it has its own space, which make it very easy for insemination and physical examination.

    4.Both the front door and back door can be assembled in two ways and opened conveniently, which is flexible for different farms.

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