Automatic Feeding System for Chicken Farm

Poultry productions are following some pattern of agriculture – growing into a large operation and become mechanized, and the device that is making that change both largely possible and profitable is the automatic chicken feeding machine, a more comparatively new invention. Ever since the incubator permitted for a large scale that hatching of chicks, bottlenecks of the chicken farm has been the feeding of the flocks. When this is done by hand it was more costly, and time consuming – and also feed consuming process. The automatic chicken feeding system has broken that bottleneck.

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The hoppers play an important role in the feeding system. The material is galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 2.2 mm. All the hoppers are fixed on the feeding machine and deliver fodder to the feeding trough symmetrically.

Fodder flatten system

The fodder flatten system is constituted by nuts and bolts, spring and capacity control plate. This system makes sure all the chicken can have enough fodder they need which means more healthy and higher rate of laying.

Working Orbit

Our working orbit is galvanized round pipes with diameter of 50 mm and thickness of 3 mm. The orbit is 6 meters long per piece and fixed on the cage frames. The connection spot of two pipes is lined with a galvanized pipe with diameter of 44mm. This design makes sure the connection spot is strong and stable.

Engine and Auger

We import the auger from South Africa. It is flexible and hard-wearing. It transfers the fodder into hoppers, then delivers the fodder to the feeding trough for chicken. The hoppers play an important role in the feeding system. The material is galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 2.2 mm.

1)Saving more labors because the automatic control panels can control feeding trolley 2)It can be equipped with all kinds of A and H frame cage system, highly optimized for general use. It makes the A and H frame cage system being higher as 3–8 tiers 3)The board are made of Aluminum Zinc plate, antirust and strong structure 4)Very easy to make installation and connect with the silo, feed delivery are automatic

Item No.Cell LenngthCell DepthCell HeightUnit DimensionCells/Unit/SetTiers/SetBirds/cell/unit/set


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