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We ship our automatic cattle feeding equipment and  feeding accessories to buyers in over 30 countries. Whether you need feeder and waterer, or stainless steel trough, cattle floor and crate and galvanized cattle farm silo filling system, we have your needs covered. Our design is furnished with your farm size.
For over 20 years, we have ensured customer satisfaction by backing our cattle housing and feeding equipment with extensive aftersale services. For more information about our maintenance-free and easy-to-install products, visit us on line.

Smart Herdsman Cattle Feeding Equipment


Cattle Free Stall

The stall provide cow a rest place, to regulate rest position of cattle. To improve sleep quality and milk production.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty

Cattle Head Lock

Cattle head lock is a kind of necessary equipment for fixing the position of cow in the farm scale management.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty

Cattle Water Bowl

Cattle water can provide clean and hygiene water for cattle and other livestock.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty

Cattle Standing Cage

A cattle standing stock is a strongly built stall for holding cattle safely while they are examined or given veterinary treatment.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty

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The steel feeding silo is composed of feed container, lid , ladder, support legs and so on. Cattle Feeding Equipment

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Smart Herdsman Supply High Quality Cattle Feeding Equipment

Smartherdsman provides for you one stop design and purchase for your Cattle Feeding Equipment, associated with all equipments you need in each house. Here you can find factory direct sale pig pen, pig cages equipment, high quality fattening pen for animal crate stall, hog housing and feeder, steel silo ect.
Our sales spreads all over the world, and the after-sale service includes everything that the customer desires,
such as inquiry, installation and operation and accessories.

20 Years + R&D pig feeding equipment manufacturer

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Ultimate Buying Guide for Cattle Feeding Equipment

Cattle farming sounds an overwhelming process. Today’s cattle farming is a lot more than just buying and raising healthy animals.

Reducing feed waste is one of the biggest hurdles that present-day farmers face today. The cost of feed is increasing with each passing day.

One of the most effective ways to reduce that waste is by choosing the right cattle feeding equipment.

While many farmers still prefer to stick to the conventional ways. Yes, you got that right. They simply spread feed on the ground, as according to them, it’s the easiest way to feed the cattle.

There’s no denying the fact that it saves time and energy to feed cattle this way. But, it’s also a truth that this results in maximum feed loss to the farmer.

In fact, by spreading feed on the ground, you could experience a 25%-30% loss.

The best solution to this problem is to consider investing in cattle free stall farming equipment.

Cattle Feeding Equipment

Cattle feeding equipment is a specialized structure. The purpose of this equipment is to support cattle feeding.

There are different types of cattle feeding equipment and cattle free stall farming equipment available.

These products are customizable and are available in a wide range of options.

The good thing is not all cattle feeding equipment is expensive. You can find all varieties of products depending upon your budget and needs.

Types of Cattle Feeding Equipment

Depending upon your farm type and size, you can choose cattle feeding equipment.

In this Cattle Feeding Equipment Buying Guide, we’ll have a look at some types of cattle feeding equipment.

Hay Feeders

Hay feeder is a popular cattle feeding equipment. This type is most suitable for farmers that use hay as part of their animal feed.

These feeders provide ample protection against wind. There are different types available. For ease of use, the hay cattle feeding equipment is available in the shape of the bale.

A Round Bale Ring

A round bale ring is ideal for the round-shaped bale. This type of cattle feeding equipment includes a feed bin to hold hay.

Single Small Bale Feeders

Single small bale feeders come with a catchment bin. This type of cattle feeding equipment is best suited for smaller herds and small-scale farms.

Big Pack Bale Panels

Big pack bale panels are easy-to-use cattle feeding equipment. They are capable of catering needs of big herds and large farms.

New Bale Cradle

New bale cradle is another popular cattle feeding equipment. This type is extremely easy to use and also saves manpower.

Open Feed Troughs

If you haven’t used cattle feed equipment earlier, then open feed troughs are a good start. This cattle feeding equipment is best suited to sheep and goats.

This type of cattle feeding equipment keeps the feed off the ground and prevents moisture. Also, it provides protection against mold and damage arising from the wind.

In terms of design, these feeders are long and narrow. Animals get enough headspace and it also prevents them from climbing into the trough.

Ideally, hay, dry feed, and pellets should be filled in these feeders. This cattle feeding equipment category is perfect if you live in windy areas.

Hybrid Feeders

Hybrid feeders are another distinguished cattle feeding equipment type. These feeders are a hybrid form of a hay bale and feed trough feeders.

This feeder contains two compartments. These feeders enable animals to eat both grains and chopped feed with ease.

This type of cattle feeding equipment is ideal for farmers who want to feed supplementary food to their cattle.

However, you have to keep them under a shelter during rainy days. Keep in mind, the moist feed can easily become moldy and toxic.

Things to Consider Before Buying Cattle Feeding Equipment

Buying the right cattle feeding equipment and cattle free stall farming equipment is unavoidable. It helps you maintain and run a productive farm.

In this Cattle Feeding Equipment Buying Guide, we’ve put together a list of tips. The purpose of these recommendations is to help you make a smart decision.

Do Your Research and Seek Advice

There are hundreds of thousands of products out there in the market. It can be tricky to choose a cattle feeding equipment that caters to your needs.

One of the easiest ways to narrow down your hunt is to talk to your peers. Yes, you read that right. Try to connect to other farmers who have already bought cattle feeding equipment.

Also, you can do this online by going through the available Cattle Feeding Equipment Buying Guides.

Pay Attention to Shape and Size

Shape and size are crucial when buying cattle feeding equipment. Make sure you buy a product that perfectly fits your space.

Based on your key considerations, you can choose any one of the products we’ve already discussed above (please check out the ‘Types’ section of this Cattle Feeding Equipment Buying Guide’).

Don’t forget to pay attention to the height and material factors.


Cattle feeding equipment should be strong and durable enough to withstand abuse.

But, it’s also a fact that not all cattle free stall farming equipment is created alike. So, you want to make sure that the cattle feeder you’re choosing is durable and reliable.

Choose Between Open or Close Bottomed Feeder

Cattle feeding equipment is either open-bottomed or close-bottomed. Most of them come with mud legs to keep it from reclining on the floor.

Don’t Be Rushed into a Purchase

Just like any other important buying decision, make sure you invest time and energy in finding the best cattle feeding equipment for your farm.

Choosing the right product will save you money in the long run. Also, you don’t have to think about frequent repairs and maintenance.

Top 4 Cattle Feeding Equipment/Accessories for 2020

1.Cattle Free Stall Farming Equipment

Cattle Free Stall Farming Equipment provides a comfortable resting space for your animals.

You can customize this product in terms of size and design. The cattle free stall is fixed by concrete and regulates the position of animals.

Using this product ensures cows get enough sleep. As a result, they produce more and better quality milk.

2.Cattle Headlock Farming Equipment

Cattle Headlock Farming Equipment helps in fixing the animal position. Since there is no energy consumption, this product is economical.

The cattle headlock is fixed between the living area and the feeding channel. The headlock will restrict cows through a self-locking device. This enables them to feed independently without any difficulty.

3.Cattle Cast Iron Drinking Bowl

Cattle Cast Iron Drinking Bowl is effective equipment. Its purpose is to provide clean drinking water to cows.

Cattle drinking bowls maintain a certain water level, making it comfortable for cows to drink water.

Cattle Cast Iron Drinking Bowl is crafted from steel. This product is both durable and easy-to-use.

4.Cattle Standing Cage

Cattle Standing Cage is a heavy-duty crush. This product is reliable because of its strong structure.

Hot-dip galvanization helps to resist the rush for a long time. This product is easy to install and comes with impeccable service.

You can also ask for customization if need be.

We hope this Cattle Feeding Equipment Buying Guide has answered some of your concerns. Get in touch with us now for detailed specifications.