If you are looking for Pig feeding equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in Canada. You are in the right place.

Canada manufacturer and supplier of Pig feeding equipment includes pig feeding silos, pig feeders, pig stalls, Insemination – individual crates, Gestation – group housing, Farrowing crates

We listed 10 Pig feeding equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in Canada.

Here is the list:

1. Brower

609 Main St
PO Box 2000
Houghton, IA 52631

Hawkeye Steel Products, Inc is a manufacturer with three brand names, all with deep roots in American agriculture. Martin Lorenzen, a German foundryman, originated Pride of the Farm® in 1920 in Marshalltown, IA and then moved to Waterloo, IA in 1923. Brower® was founded by William Brower, in Quincy, IL in 1923. Pride of the Farm® and Brower® consolidated their manufacturing in Houghton, IA in 1985. In 1995, Span-Tech® fabric buildings were developed internally by Hawkeye Steel.

Pride of the Farm® feeds and waters hundreds of thousands of animals in the USA, Canada and Europe. Pride of the Farm® manufactures heated drinkers and energy free animal drinkers, hopper bottom feed tanks and confinement swine equipment. Customers include the very largest cattle feeding and hog production operators.

2. Master Feeds

1020 Hargrieve Road

London, Ontario

Canada N6E 1P5

We are an organization of people with the collective purpose of adding value to the lives of our customers, dealers and employees. Masterfeeds is a proud Canadian company that grew with the nation throughout the twentieth century. The lives and achievements of those who built Masterfeeds, personify the pioneering ambition and spirit of this country.

We achieve this by building  quality pig feeding equipment for sale in Canada.

3. Ukal Canada

  • 1-800-665-8389
  • (450) 796-1414

Take a look at our remarkable selection of calf feeding equipment, teats, calf feeder, milk bucket, calf bottle, bucket with teats, from Stallion, Peach Teats, Tetiblue brands and more, at competitive prices. Buy online. Fast shipping anywhere in Canada.

4. Arrow Equip

Call now: 1-866-383-7827

Our story begins in 1988 on the Firth Family farm in Tamworth, Australia. As the son of a farmer, Phil Firth saw the opportunity to improve the way his family managed their livestock, and created his first cattle chute for personal use on the family farm. Within a year, local veterinarians saw the potential of his design and were drawn to the focus of a safer way to work with cattle.

5. Floradale Limited

2131 Floradale Road
Floradale, Ontario

Floradale Feed Mill Limited has always been committed to offering our customers the “finest in pigs feeds and service” for over 50 years. As a full service feed supplier to the livestock and poultry industries, we offer a wide array of feed manufacturing capabilities.

We have assembled an enthusiastic team of people to serve our customers. From office, to sales and nutrition, to production, to truckers, to management, our people are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We continue to invest in new technologies and equipment required of a modern, progressive feed manufacturer, but it is the experience and talents of our people that make it all work for you.

6. Farmer Equipment Sales

595666 Blind Line, Mono, ON L9V 0Z4, Canada

Looking for the best pig farming equipment in Austria? We got your back, We design and stock a variety of equipment that are ideal for pig farming. Over the years, we have specialized in stocking different types of  equipment that will be necessary for your pig farm. They include  Pig feeding equipment includes pig feeding silos, pig feeders, pig stalls, Insemination – individual crates, Gestation – group housing, Farrowing crates. Kindly contact us for a price of pig farming equipment

7. Canadian Farm Supply

839 McLellans Brook Rd, New Glasgow, NS B0K 2A0, Canada

As a pig farming equipment manufacturer. we do recognize the need to increase the productivity of your farm For this reason, we stock a variety of pig farming equipment that will quench your thirst. So of the equipment that are at our factory include
  • Pig farrowing crate
  • Pig ventilation, cooler
  • Piglet heating equipment
  • Feeders
  • Pen
  • Snare
In case you need any of the above equipment, feel free to contact us; reliable pig farming equipment manufacturers in Canada.

8. Eastern Farm Machinery Ltd

10 Nicholas Beaver Rd, Puslinch, ON N0B 2J0, Canada

We are quite  competitive in manufacturing pig farm equipment. We provide for you an optimal design scheme of a large-scale swine farm, associated with all equipment you need in each house. Our feed silos feed bins and pig feeding systems are widely applied for farms, feed plants, poultry plants, animal plants, brewery plants, etc. If you are looking for Canada manufacturers and suppliers of Pig feeding equipment includes pig feeding silos, pig feeders, pig stalls, Insemination – individual crates, Gestation – group housing, Farrowing crates. Kindly contact us for a price today.

9. The AgDealer

1666 Dublin Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0H1, Canada

We have a large production line that is managed by a workforce of skilled professionals that positively meets the bulk orders of the clients. In addition to this, the most fundamental factor of our business policy is to provide complete customer satisfaction. For that reason, we custom-made our pig farming equipment and fabricate designer range in various grades, shapes, colors, and sizes as per illustrations given by our respected customers. Apart from this, we monitor the changes in the market strategies and update our techniques accordingly.

10. Wiljan Farm Equipment

6287 2, Odessa, ON K0H 2H0, Canada

When it comes to raising pigs, you will definitely need the right pig equipment. Materials are readily available so you do not have to worry. After all, raising pigs is a common thing nowadays whether for pets or for profits. And best of all, it does not require you to spend lots of money.