Type A Pig Gestation Crate

Gestation crate is used for sows during pregnancy. It reduces the abortion rate by reasonable restriction of moving space and also makes it easy and efficient for feeding.

Long stainless steel feed trough
Long stainless steel feed trough of hot dip galvanized sow gestation stall, easy to manage and cost saving.

Individual SS304 feed trough
Turnable stainless steel feed trough of sow gestation crate makes it easy to clean and the curling edge prevents fodder from wasting.

Double Back doors
Back door of hot dip galvanized sow gestation stall, firm enough and convenient for artificial insemination.

Hot dip galvanized steel tube
Outside and inside hot dipped galvanized steel crate has high corrosion prevention capacity and serve long period as 15+ years.

Snap Joint
connect reinforce bar with crate, make stable environment for pigs

Type A gestation crate has two doors, front door and back door.
1. Adopt co2 gas shielded welding, then do fully hot dip galvanized processing to the steel pipe, which makes it has high anti-corrosion, rust prevention, great durability.
2. Adjustable position makes a safe, comfortable environment for different sizes pigs.
3. Reasonable back door design makes

SizeL*H*W: 2.3m*1.0m*0.65m/0.6m (can be customized)
Material33.4mm steel pipe, 20mm steel pipe. Tube wall thickness 2.5mm
TreatmentFully hot-dip galvanization
TroughSingle trough (plastic or SS304), long trough (SS304)
FixtureBase, snap joint, etc.
NoteDifferent specifications can be customized according to customer’s requirements
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