Exhaust Fan for swine farm

A ventilation system consists of an exhaust fan, a motor, rotating discs, a dust collector, a water bowl, an ozone generator etc, has been developed to clean the pig farm housing air. The work principle is that the inside air is sucked through the fan, and the rotating discs make water into fineness spray and blow into the stall. The rest water flows down to the dust collector.

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Exhaust fan blades are special designed for the biggest efficiency which made of Krupp stainless steel by punch forming. Large air volume, no deformation, no broken, no dust, attractive and durable.

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1.The fasteners of centrifugal system all are copper rivets, wear-resisting and no rust, flexible. Guide rod is made of 304 stainless steel, ensure the high strength, no rust, reduce friction.

2.Ensure the long service life, maintenance free.
3.Fan belt pulley and flange are made of high strength aluminum-magnesium alloy by die-casting. Light weight, lower vibration.

4.Linking parts are made of aluminum alloy,light weight,no deformation,added with wear-resistant shaft sleeve.

5.Standard parts especially the washer as fastener parts are made of stainless steel, no rust, beautiful appearance.

6.High strength, low noise, free maintenance and long service life.

Model Diameter blades(mm)Blades rotational speed(r/min) Air flow(m3/h) Motor Outer size(mm)
V-860 700 960 10000 0.55KW380V50HZ 860x860x190
V-1060 900 700 33000 0.55KW380V50HZ 1060 ×1060 ×550
V-1160 950 600 35000 0.55KW380V50HZ 1160 ×1160 ×550
V-1260 1050 600 38000 0.75KW380V50HZ 1260 ×1260 ×550
V-1460 1220 460 46500 0.75KW380V50HZ 1460 ×1460 ×600

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