A ventilation system consists of an exhaust fan, a motor, rotating discs, a dust collector, a water bowl, an ozone generator etc, has been developed to clean the pig farm housing air. The work principle is that the inside air is sucked through the fan, and the rotating discs make water into fineness spray and blow into the stall. The rest water flows down to the dust collector.

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1. High-quality structure
Rigid sphere shape structure, permanently lubricated upper and lower ball bearings to ensure long life without maintenance, no need to replace the zero cases, the U.S. PEER, UBC, and Japan NSK high-precision bearing system fully closed absolutely excellent quality assurance.
2. The operation of sophisticated equipment
UBC high-precision bearing system fully closed, highly heat-resistant synthetic grease lubricant for the bearings of the best that can permanently self-lubricating, no take care, even if wind breeze in less than 2 km, it is also self-operation.
3. Green ventilation
Use of natural wind-driven principles, not the use of motor power, to avoid the cost of running electricity-free, non-stop self-turbine ventilator rotation, so silent no noise when running.
4. Wide applicability
Diameter with a unique angle for a variety of industrial plant light steel contour plate roof, concrete roof can be installed. And does not require support, installation and convenient

Ventilation Caliber(mm)500600750
Turbine Diameter(mm)600670900
Blade Quantity(pcs)283242
Blade Thickness(mm)
Tube Thickness(mm)
Base Thickness(mm)
Packing Size(mm)600*600*500670*670*520900*900*710
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