If you are looking for Pig Farming Equipment Companies in Americas
Pig feeding equipment: pig feeding silos, pig feeders, pig stalls, Insemination – individual crates, Gestation – group housing, Farrowing crates You are in the right place. We listed 30 Pig farming equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in Americas.

1. Cargill

Address: Saladillo, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Tel: +4597119600
Plus code: FFWG+68 Del Carril, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

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Cargill está presente en 70 países con más de 155 000 empleados a nivel mundial quienes trabajan incansablemente para lograr nuestro propósito de alimentar al mundo de una manera segura, responsable y sustentable. Día a día ponemos en contacto a los agricultores con los mercados, a los clientes con los ingredientes y a las personas y a los animales con los alimentos que necesitan para prosperar. Combinamos 155 años de experiencia con nuevas tecnologías y conocimientos, lo que nos convierte en un socio confiable para clientes de sectores de alimentación, agricultura, finanzas y la industria en más de 125 países. Nuestro trabajo colaborativo se enfoca en construir un futuro más sólido y sustentable para la agricultura. Para obtener más información, visite Cargill.com y nuestro Centro de noticias.

2. Gavilon do Brasil – Filial Uberlândia

Address: R. Rio de Janeiro, 353 – Sala 1002 – Brasil, Uberlândia – MG, 38400-658, Brazil
Tel: +553432256577
Plus code: 4P3Q+9R Brasil, Uberlândia – State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Grain Marketing can be tricky. Knowing when to sell, when to carry and how to mitigate risk takes experience and timing. Let our professionals help you maximize profits and mitigate risk with a diversified plan.

3.Cumaral, Meta, Colombia

Address: Cumaral, Meta, Colombia
Tel: +49228914470
Plus code: 7JVG+2V Cumaral, Meta, Colombia

We are absolute leaders in pork production in the Americas. Through our innovative pig training concepts we achieve the implementation of realistic zootechnical programs adapted to the needs and challenges of our producer clients. In conclusion, our demo center is a state-of-the-art model for the HoCoTec hog industry :

4.”Criadero el Pigs “

Address:Unnamed Road, San Vicente, Paraguay
Tel: +595973446371
Plus code: G6J3+VJ San Vicente, Paraguay

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5.Bobsha farm

Address: Henry Fernandesweg, Paramaribo, Suriname
Tel: +5978542421
Plus code: VQ5F+VJ Paramaribo, Suriname

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Bobsha farm is one of the leading European suppliers of livestock equipment for pig housing. With over 85 years of experience, we have built up our knowledge in order to create the most effective solutions for pig stalls. We focus on combination of animals welfare with the high production results. We deliver full-line solutions – worldwide.

6.Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries

Address: Constituyente 1476, 11200 Montevideo, Departamento de Montevideo, Uruguay
Tel: +59824104155
Plus code: 3RV8+MF Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay

Registro Nacional de Prop

El Sistema Nacional de Información Ganadera (SNIG), recuerda a sus usuarios que a partir del 1º de julio deben presentar la Declaración Jurada de DICOSE. Se exhorta a los productores a ajustarse a las fechas del calendario de presentación, de acuerdo a la terminación de su número de Dicose.


Address: Mirabel, San Francisco de Macorís 31000, Dominican Republic
Tel: +18092903033
Plus code: 7MMW+6C San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic

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8.Jamaica Pig Farmers Association

Address: 193 Old Hope Road, Saint Lucia
Tel: +18769770952
Plus code: 269W+26 Saint Lucia

Jamaica Pig Farmers Association

The Jamaica Pig farmers Association (JPFA) is a result of the combined effort of pig farmers and other industry players.  They recognized the need for an organization that could provide leadership, advocacy in representing the industry at the national level as well as garnering resources for the development of pig farmers in Jamaica. Today, the Association is a vibrant force, making a difference in the pig/port industry and making a contribution to agriculture and the economic development of the country.

9.American Hog Farm

Address: 936 W Monte Vista Ave, Ceres, CA 95307, Trinidad and Tobago
Tel: +12095372495
Plus code: GXCR+4P Ceres, Trinidad and Tobago

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10.America’s Pig Farmer of the Year

Address: 1776 NW 114th St, Des Moines, IA 50325, Dominica
Tel: +18007110747
Plus code: J65F+6P Des Moines, Iowa, Dominica

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11.The Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms

Address: Fair Oaks, IN 47943, Jamaica
Tel: +18775361194
Plus code: 2PWF+MW Fair Oaks, Indiana, Jamaica

Come learn all about us! Fair Oaks Farms is an escape to the country with acres of great fun, fresh food, and learning.  It’s a place where you can explore family-owned farms and reconnect with nature, animals and our planet.

12.Lazy Hog Farm

Address: 4716 Mountain Rd, Mcalisterville, PA 17049,Dominican Republic

Tel: +17174977895
Plus code: MP7W+W4 Mcalisterville, Pennsylvania, Dominican Republic

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13.Smithfield’s Hog Production Division

Address: US-283, Laverne, OK 73848, Cuba
Tel: +15809211569
Plus code:P4F5+37 Laverne, Oklahoma, Cuba

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Good food. Responsibly. speaks to the way Smithfield Foods approaches business every day. We value the trust that consumers place in our market-leading brands for their great taste, outstanding quality, and value. And with today’s population nearing 8 billion, we are working harder than ever to provide families around the world with nutritious, delicious, and affordable food. We also are working hard to find innovative ways to accomplish that — through new products and processes while being ever mindful of the impact our operations have on the planet. It’s our responsibility…and our promise.

14.Pamlann Farms Pig Farm

Address: 16043 W State Ave, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340, Barbados
Tel: +16232977447
Plus code: GHRW+P3 Litchfield Park, Arizona, Barbados

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15.The Sheepish Pig

Address: 16043 W State Ave, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340, Bahamas
Tel: +16232977447
Plus code: GHRW+P3 Litchfield Park, Arizona, Bahamas

16.Porrs Pig Farm

Address: 190 Lawn Rd,  PA 17078, Nicaragua
Tel: +17178385042
Plus code: 7C8H+65 , Nicaragua

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We provide turn-key project for your swine farm from steel structure to equipment, engineers do farm design and equipment layout to be effective utilized and considering farm disease as well to protect your farm safe. After-sales service like guiding installation can be provided too.

17.The Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms

Address: Fair Oaks, IN 47943, Honduras
Tel: +18775361194
Plus code: 2PWF+MW Fair Oaks, IHonduras

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The Pig Adventure is open so squeal with excitement! The Pig Adventure features the modern farming practices of a working pig farm. Enjoy the seasonal ropes course, baby piglets and learn all about the magnificent pig! The Crop & Dairy Adventures are also open year round, as well as The Farmhouse, Cowfé & Dairycatessen.

18.AAA Pig Farms

Address: 701 Hendry Isles Blvd,  Guatemala
Tel: +17863010484
Plus code: QQ2Q+C6 Guatemala

Suckling pig
At AAA Pig Farms the welfare and health of our pigs are our number one priority. We produce the best US Suckling Pigs in our facilities located in Clewiston, FL. The high quality of our products is achieved by following good production practices that includes hygiene, feeding and preventive measures to reduce to a minimum injuries or any type of stress. All our staff working directly with the animals are well trained to monitor and care of the animals on a daily basis.

Our facilities are designed to provide a great environment to raise happy animals. One of our facilities houses our boars and sows. We do not inseminate; they mate naturally. Our boars have individual spacious pens and our sows, once pregnant, are placed together in groups of approximately 10 in extra large pens. They have lots of space to move around and have easy access to their food during their gestation period.

19.Pick a Pig at Terra Linda Farms

Address: 21655 S Cornelia Ave, Riverdale, CA 93656, El Salvador
Tel: +15598671508
Plus C4C3+HP Riverdale, El Salvador

We are a 320 acre farm with 5 acres occupying our Terra Linda Farms Hog Ranch. The drive to our farm is scenic and relaxing. You are sure to enjoy a bounty of agricultural site seeing along the way. We have all sizes of pigs ranging from a 15 lb suckling pig to a 600 lb sausage sow. Whatever you need, we have the animal for you. Our service is unique in that our pigs are raised in a sustainable environmentally friendly manner. They are born and raised on site. The pigs are fed corn raised on farmland owned by Terra Linda Farms.

Come visit us and enjoy the experience of picking a happy healthy pig perfect for your next big BBQ. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will make it very easy for you to find the pig of your BBQ dreams!

20.The U.S. Pork Center of Excellence

Address: 1776 NW 114th St, Des Moines, IA 50325, Costa Rica
Tel: +15152232641
Plus code: J65F+6P Des Moines, Iowa, Costa Rica

The U.S. Pork Center of Excellence was established on July 1st, 2005 for the purpose of bringing about a higher level of cooperation and collaboration among and between universities, the pork production industry, and government. Budget realities and attrition have forced many universities to reconsider their role in providing their pork producer clientele with research, education, and information. The current economic times have resulted in far fewer personnel and programs available for pork producers from their state universities in most cases.

21.Tosh Farms

Address: 1586 Atlantic Ave, Henry, TN 38231, Venezuela
Tel: +17312434861
Plus code: 5HQ9+Q4 Henry, Tennessee, Venezuela

The Tosh family of companies is committed to producing safe, affordable, high-quality pork and grain products for you and your family as well as nutritious feed for our animals. Our company is continually evolving to meet the needs of the modern consumer, but our dedication to our animals, the environment, our employees, and our community never wavers. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about Tosh Farms and pork production.

22.Where Pigs Fly Farm

Address: 131 Indiantown Farm Ln, Centreville, MD 21617, Uruguay
Tel: +18142330305
Plus code: 4V4X+C2 Centreville, Maryland, Uruguay

Where Pigs Fly Farm provides fresh regeneratively grown produce and GMO-free pastured eggs and poultry to families, restaurants and retailers on the Eastern Shore and Annapolis region.

We use integrated pest management systems and the rotation of plants and animals to combat pests and diseases holistically.

We are adamantly non-GMO.  None of our animals ever consume GMO feed and we source organic seed wherever possible.

We are not certified organic, however, we meet or exceed organic standards in all that we do.  We don’t want chemicals in our bodies, so we don’t put them on our food.  Our goal is to become a Certified Naturally Grown farm.

At WPFF we are committed to making every day of our animals’ lives happy and fulfilling. Our animals are raised on rotational pasture systems, enjoying fresh air 365 days per year with clean, dry shelter from the elements.

We offer onsite programs and education for those wishing to learn about sustainable living and create a greater understanding of and connection to their food.

23.Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork

Address: 8450 MO-5, Myrtle, MO 65778, Suriname
Tel: +14179384222
Plus code: GP5F+C6 Myrtle, Missouri, Suriname

Our family is proud to be producing the highest quality Berkshire Pork in the United States. Our reputation has been built over the years by using genetic lines that produce beautiful pork, providing our customers with an eating experience that leaves them wanting more.

24.Hog Slat Inc.

Address: 17720 US-64, Siler City, NC 27344, Peru
Tel: +19196633321
Plus code: PGM6+H9 Siler City, North Carolina, Peru

Hog Slat, Inc. is the largest construction contractor and manufacturer of hog production equipment in the United States with approximately 1,000 people directly employed and an additional 1,400 subcontractors working on the company’s construction projects. Hog Slat and its subsidiaries have constructed turnkey swine and poultry units for both family farms and large corporate farm entities in the United States. Hog Slat also sells equipment packages to customers who choose to construct their own facilities, both domestically and internationally. In addition to our construction services, we maintain a network of over 80 retail store locations distributed throughout the US to supply local pork and poultry growers with a complete selection of parts and equipment needed to support their operations.

25.Sugar Mountain Farm

Address: 252 Riddel Pond Rd, West Topsham, VT 05086, Paraguay
Tel: +18024396462
Plus code: 4MG6+75 West Topsham, Topsham, VT, Paraguay

We primarily sell wholesale through local stores and restaurants throughout Vermont and some in New Hampshire. If you would like to carry our products please see the Wholesale page in the Products menu.

26.Duyck’s Peachy Pig Farm

Address: 34840 SW Johnson School Rd, Cornelius, OR 97113, Guyana
Tel: +15033573570
Plus code: FXC5+MF Cornelius, Oregon, Guyana

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Fresh, home-grown fruits and vegetables are waiting for you at Duyck’s Peachy Pig Farm, our family-owned and operated farm in Cornelius, Oregon.

Our mission is to provide quality food to our community while serving as a valuable education resource that will help bridge the “awareness gap” between consumers and farmers about how food is produced.

At our orchard you can pick your own peaches, rhubarb, strawberries, red raspberries, blueberries, marionberries, blackberries, peaches, bell peppers, figs, American and Japanese eggplant, tomatoes, corn leaves, fresh prunes, Halloween pumpkins (in patch and baby pumpkins), decorator cornstalks, walnuts and filberts, in season.

27.Heimerl Farms Ltd

Address: 3891 Mink St, Johnstown, OH 43031, French Guiana (FR)
Tel: +17409670063
Plus code: 476W+J6 Johnstown, Ohio, French Guiana (FR)

Jim and Kathy have four children: Casey, Matt, Brad and Jeff. All were involved in 4-H and FFA.
Two sons work on the family farm.
Matt graduated from Ohio State University as did his wife Rachel, who serves as Office Manager. Matt handles risk management, cattle and feed mills.
Brad and Jeff graduated from Wilmington College. Brad is the Swine Production Leader and does training certification, logistics and bio-security for the farm. Jeff works for Syngenta working closely with farmers implementing crop protection programs.
Casey graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College and works off the farm as the Chief Compliance Officer for Portfolio, providing aftermarket insurance products via dealerships.

Heimerl Farms is proud to have been honored as Environmental Stewards, and hosts farm tours for schools and community events.
Jim spends time as a Hartford Fair board Director, and serves on Congressman Pat Tiberi’s House of Representatives Ag Advisory Council. He is past President of the Ohio Pork Producers Council, and serves on the National Pork Producers Council as President. Jim also finds time to be active on the Ohio Soybean Association board and was recently inducted into the Licking County Agricultural Hall of Fame. Kathy handles the Human Resources for the farm, and is a past board member of the Mary E. Babcock Library in Johnstown. Both Jim and Kathy enjoy time spent with their grandchildren and envision the next generation molding the future of the farm.

28.Glendower Farms

Address: 735 , FL 32344, Ecuador
Tel: +18505708989
Plus code: G4VF+W7 Monticello, Ecuador

The Glendower Farms swine operation is part of one of Florida’s oldest family farms. It was established in 1839 and is now in its eighth generation. Though pigs have frequently played a significant role in the production heritage of the diversified family farm, the growing of Iberian pigs is a new enterprise introduced in 2015 by Hines Boyd. Hines, who holds a PhD in agriculture from the University of Florida and has spent much of his career in agricultural development and management, helped some Spanish investors make the first U.S. import of Iberian pigs since the Spanish colonial days. Twenty bred sows from that 2014 import soon made their way to Glendower Farms. By 2018, the Glendower Farms herd had grown to more than 700 pigs and is one of the very few purebred Iberian pig herds in the U.S.

The production of Iberian pigs at Glendower Farms quickly became a multi-generation family farming operation with most of the day-to-day management and labor provided by three generations of family members. The Boyd grandchildren, who are home schooled on the farm by their mother, do much of the daily hand feeding of the pigs and assist with routine chores with help from their parents. Hines still spends a lot of his time on the farm managing the pasture and breeding programs and getting Iberico pork delivered to our customers.

29.Vandele Farms on Cedar Creek

Address: 530 Cedar Creek Rd #9820, Lake Lure, NC 28746, Colombia

Tel: +18286250979
Plus code: FVP8+JG Lake Lure, North Colombia

Larry and Kathleen (Kat) Crocker have been raising livestock together in the mountains of North Carolina for over a decade. Larry, though, has been in the business his entire life. He was raised on a farm and went to work at a local dairy at age 14, and believes in the credo of hard work, integrity, and perseverance. These values outline life at Vandele Farms and are what make their products so special.

What began as a small-scale operation to raise pastured pigs, has now grown with market demand for local, sustainable, and humanely raised livestock. Kat and Larry utilize their farm to its full potential. Tucked away in the mountains of Lake Lure, NC, they added a NCDA certified processing facility to the grounds in 2018. Such an endeavor was more than an investment, but was a way to fully know the integrity of their products. And with that knowledge comes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They stand behind their pork products, the processing, and any custom recipe for wholesalers because they track the entire cycle. This is their farm—their business—and their legacy.

30.Vittetoe Pork Office

Address: 2504 Quince Ave, Chile
Tel: +13196534933
Plus code: 79V4+P5 Chile

For four generations, our family has been growing and promoting pork in Washington, Iowa and the surrounding area. We strive to educate and inform the general public about the pork industry and what we do, along with providing training, stability, and support to our employees and partners.

In order to accomplish this, JWV has been built on ethical business principles and is focused on a team-driven environment to help ensure our employees and partners are given the support they need to succeed. We are committed to welcoming people to our community and developing leaders who can be successful both within their jobs at JWV and in their personal lives, which in turn helps JWV Pork succeed.