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Farm Silo

Flat silo and hopper silo are round type silos, one special silo is a square silo,
A square silo has a silo roof, silo body, and silo hopper, the silo roof can be a flat or inverted cone, this type silo is widely used indoors;

Some customers want to build the silo indoors, but since the […]

Ventilation Fan Manufacturer China

Greenhouse ventilation fan Manufacturer China
Industrial poultry fan
Chicken House exhaust fan

Applicable Industries
Hotels, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plants, Farms, Restaurants, Retail

Fans mainly consist of blades, motors, frames, protect nets, bracing cages, and shutters.
The motor drives the blade to cause airflow and the louver window can open and close automatically to keep the […]

Exhaust Fan and cooling pad

How to install Exhaust Fan and cooling pad in the greenhouse?
The design and installation position of the fan in the greenhouse shall consider the resistance of the fan exhaust, and the direction of the fan exhaust outlet opposite to the direction with relatively small resistance shall be selected as far as possible to avoid […]